how to tell if a text1.text file has been written to disk?

Gary Kline kline at
Fri Dec 30 23:58:59 UTC 2011

i'm using gvim for now.  the person with impaired speech types....
Say: "hi, i'm jon and i'm hear to give you  some background on 
virtue ethics."  Or whatever.  

the gvim editor has been spawned.  i must wait until the user is
finished typing--ESC]:[Enter].    then my espeak |  aplay 
speech code will  echo what he has typed.  is there  any  way,
other than, or maybe in addition to-- spinning in a while loop at 10
millisecond usleeps for the vim ".text1.text.swp" file to go away?

does wim enter  characters into its textfiles as the user types?
i'm close. thanks to guys  who are on various mailing list.

S-day: "show-and-tell  day in 11 days away before e docs and
therapists.  most of them  don't think that any oprm-source tools
count.  even ones like the newest graphic toolkits.  like gtk.

as always, thanks for  any    assist.  you're all going on the list
of contributors ...


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