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Fri Dec 30 14:59:24 UTC 2011

On Fri, 30 Dec 2011 14:22:30 +0100
Polytropon articulated:

> >From "man iwn":  
> 	Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965/1000/5000/5150/5300/6000/6050
> 	IEEE 802.11n driver

So they actually got support for one such device. I refer you to
which does not even list support for "n" protocol devices.

I am not sure if this is an introductory level chip or used in higher
end devices although I have my strong suspicions. In any case, newer
and more fully functional "n" devices still lack any significant, and I
use that word graciously, support.

As for your inquiry as to why I don't write one myself, fair enough. I
have a family to support, various organizations I work with or
contribute to, etcetera. To actually invest the time (and I have no
idea how much time it would entail), thereby taking it away from other
ventures I am involved in, i.e "work" for example, not to mention the
documentation that I would probably have to buy to learn how to
actually write a driver for such a device and make it work on FreeBSD
since I have never done it before, and acquire whatever other skills
and material I might need all for a grand ROI of "$0" is beyond absurd.
I am not a socialist asshole. I don't expect the government to bankroll
me while I sit on my ass working on a hobby.

If FreeBSD really wanted to make a quality product they would hire
competent programmers to create the drivers, etcetera that are seriously
needed. I would gladly pay any reasonable charge for a product that
worked. I am not a socialist/fascist asshole and I despise those who
are. Other OSs have all ready gone this route.

By the way, just out of morbid curiosity, how are ASLR and KMS support
coming along? Doing a quick perusal it would appear that everyone but
FreeBSD supports them. I am sure if I am in error and FreeBSD has full
support for them you will inform me of same.

Poly, you are an admitted liar. Read your own statements; you have
admitted so yourself. I fail to see where continuing a dialog with an
admitted liar serves any purpose.

Have a Happy New Year. A year in which you can contribute to
discussions regarding subjects you may or may not know anything about
depending on what fabrication you had previously spewed. I wonder if
the "Liar paradox" would be of interest here? Ah, so many things to
contemplate in the new year.

Jerry ♔

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