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Fri Dec 30 13:22:32 UTC 2011

On Fri, 30 Dec 2011 08:05:10 -0500, Jerry wrote:
> On Fri, 30 Dec 2011 22:35:46 +1000
> Da Rock articulated:
> > Was this really necessary to post to the list? Publicly? Opinions are 
> > your own, but this does appear rather vindictive and not really
> > wanted on a friendly list.
> > 
> > For reference Polytropon has been rather helpful many times on this
> > list regardless of how many faux pas maybe made; I'm sure you're not
> > without fault either.
> The fact is that Poly has taken "negativity bias" to a new level. I
> fully realize that part of this is due to his socialist/fascist
> upbringing; however, that in itself does not justify it.

Can you please stop that shit?! You're starting
impolite attribution which is not justified on
this list, and not in general life. If you would
live in _my_ country (luckily you don't), that
would be a case for court. Be happy to have this
right of expression, even if you're abusing it
on nearly any occassion you can get.

And replace "negative bias" with "negative experiences",
so it becomes the truth. Finally, our _individual_
experiences are what forms our opinions which we
turn into statements. Luckily, logic is free of
subjective argumentation, and I think that's why
you focus on individual statements in order to
insult people instead of dealing with the logic
statements they bring, because that would maybe
force you to re-think your _own_ position!

> I did take a class in quantum physics in college. However, I can
> assure you that I would never attempt to pretend to understand it nor
> lecture about it. Yet, according to his own statements, not mine, he
> has no knowledge of Microsoft yet he continues to lecture on it.

As I said before: Not true. You're building your
argumentation on a false assumption, leading the
whole statement to be wrong (logic 101).

Your knowledge from the quantum physics class - it
should be something that you can elaborate on, and
use in discussions. Even if it was "long ago" (in
college), as long as this knowledge of yours is
present (and correct), you can make use of it, use
it even in concluding "new" things, and putting it
into relation to other theories (e. g. superstring
theory, gravitation).

And why shouldn't you? Knowledge you gain and that
you can _apply_ opens discussion fields, even if
you enter them by a false assumption or wrong
conclusion. Whenever you _learn_ something, it's
not worthless.

Except _you_ would judge gain of knowledge always
in consideration of where it can be applied, and
what amount of time it consumed. That is a fully
justified point. That's why I'm also paying attention
what to learn - be it fundamental UNIX knowledge
that made me access many different UNIX and Linux
systems, or "Windows" knowledge that is obsoleted
as soon as a new version is out, and you need to
repeat re-learning things. After all, even the
pure fact of _learning_ is good, at least for the
brain (which benefits from any learning, no matter
if it's short life knowledge or fundamental stuff).
Learning keeps your brain healthy.

> That
> is pathetic.

You are pathetic.

> That would be akin to me reading the cover page for an
> application available on FreeBSD, one that I had never used and then
> giving a lecture on its use and implementation.

But isn't that what you sometimes do? If I understand
your intial claim correctly, you stated there was no
N device documentation in FreeBSD. (Note: This is a
conditional statement. You're very fast in skipping
such fine details in expression, that's why I think
it's worth mentioning it again: "if - then", this
means "if not, then not" in this case. So read it

>From "man iwn":

	Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965/1000/5000/5150/5300/6000/6050
	IEEE 802.11n driver

Is that what you meant?

Of course, this (just like the module sources) is _not_
intended as an end-user step-by-step illustrated guide
on how to get networking up. And finally, there are
tools to help you with that (typically coming with
desktop environments).

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