mutual forwarders in ISC BIND

Victor Sudakov vas at
Thu Dec 29 07:38:20 UTC 2011

Peter Andreev wrote:
> >>
> >> > Victor, we researched this topic and learned that response time highly
> >> > depends on distance between user and resolver, while cache influence
> >> > on this value is lesser.
> >> > So I advice you to keep all as is.
> >>
> >> Be it so. Thank you.
> >
> > And the reason for the whole thread. One of the customers told me that
> > is faster than our own DNS servers which are located on the
> > same 100 MBit/s LAN with them. I was shocked but it seems true, at
> > least for the answers which are not yet cached.
> I don't know what software google uses on its resolvers, but I suppose
> something with shared or synchronizing cache. May be they also make
> preventive lookups on popular domains to fill this cache. And the
> reason why seems faster - it answered from cache while your
> resolver made full lookup chain.

Duh! That is why I started thinking about some cache synchronizing
technique for my resolvers.

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