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On 22/12/2011 04:53, Rob Byrnes wrote:
>>> Yeah I would second what Mr Rock says.  Set up a single repo where
>>> >> folders can be used for projects.  Since svn lets you checkout sub
>>> >> folders of a repo, each developer can check out the folder that
>>> >> corresponds to their project.  Also, Tortoise svn is a very nice
>>> >> graphical utility that will allow your developers to manage there svn
>>> >> folders without even needing a web interface (most non unix people
>>> >> that I know like tortoise), so there is less maintenance for you :)
>>> >> Finally, kudos to moving towards using version control, its an
>>> >> important step for a software company.
>> >
>> > git or mercurial - best choices
> For what reasons?

svn vs git vs mercurial

svn has the model of a central repository that everything has to
communicate with.  This can be attractive in a commercial environment as
it implies a degree of central control over all of the project source code.

git is much more a peer-to-peer system.  This fits with a disparate
group of projects all proceeding pretty much independently.  There's
also a potential advantage if all your developers are not at the same
location and will not necessarily have access to central office systems.

mercurial unfortunately I'm not that familiar with, but it uses a
distributed model like git.

Other criteria, like windows support, are not anything I have much
experience of, but by all accounts svn and git are pretty well served.

Any of these will serve you well, and unless you have a killer
requirement that makes it obvious which to choose from, then you risk
spending a lot of effort trying to minutely analyse the niggling details
of each contender to no ultimate benefit.  At some point you're going to
be better off simply by tossing a coin to choose.



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