Port, Packages, and Patching, Upgrading

Eduardo Morras nec556 at retena.com
Tue Dec 20 18:01:15 UTC 2011

At 07:19 20/12/2011, you wrote:
>I've been trying to find info about this, so I'm Hoping someone here
>will know about this; I use FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE, and basically, the
>normal way I do things, is like this:
>I grab the CD, boot, and install the Base System. Once I've booted, I'll
>then use one of the two:
>pkg_add -r bunch of packages
>sysinstall > Configure > Packages
>Then I go through the menus, and select what software I want, and,
>eventually, I'll tell it to start installing.
>Now, I've been reading about Ports more and more, and thought about
>maybe just using those instead, but even with upgrade_pkg from
>bsdaminscripts, I just can NOT seem to upgrade anything.
>I'd like to have my system fully patched, but most of the data I find,
>is about how to keep ports up to date, and has very little on Packages /
>I don't think it matters much why I choose Binary Packages over Ports,
>I'm just looking to make sure the emails I get every once in a while on
>the root account will FINALLY not have a huge list of stuff that I need
>to either "delete / uninstall, or upgrade" and have no idea how.
>I mainly used Linux, so I AM a little more used to everything being
>patched at once, like Slackware, where you can type one command and
>install patches and stuff to everything you have installed, be it the
>Kernel, or an Xterm, or X itself, or Pidgin.
>Any of you that use pkg_add and Sysinstall to install packages, can you
>maybe describe what you do to install updates, Patches, or just in
>general, keep your system patched?
>I'd really appreciate that.

I know other had answered but... here are my 0.2 cents about 
installing a fresh machine (with Internet connection):

a) Install base, no packages, no ports.
b) Configure network
c) update freebsd:
   #freebsd-update fetch
   #freebsd-update install
d) get ports tree:
   #portsnap fetch && portsnap install
e) install X:
   #pkg_add -r xorg
   i don't configure xorg.conf, it's easier for me
f) install nvidia/ati/intel/whatever graphic card driver
   in other computer get the url and install in this one.
g) install KDE, Gnome, Fluxbox...
   #pkg_add -r kde3/gnome2/fluxbox
h) install the apps you will use

If you need add a special feature to one app use ports, if not, use packages.

And read the handbook ;)



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