Port, Packages, and Patching, Upgrading

Alexander Kapshuk alexander.kapshuk at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 11:16:20 UTC 2011

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 11:40 AM, Allen <Unix.Hacker at comcast.net> wrote:

> On 12/20/2011 4:19 AM, Alexander Kapshuk wrote:
> > you may want to look up this section of the handbook:
> > Chapter 5 Installing Applications: Packages and Ports
> >
> > How to upgrade your applications is explained there;
> I actually am doing so right now. I started cleaning out the CPU cooling
> system on my old test machine, and after getting crap out of the Fan, I
> got it to boot, and started installing FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE on it, then
> did a Net Install over FTP.
> While I let that run, I decided to start looking at the web site for
> FreeBSD, and reading up on Ports. I guess I'm on the right track, as you
> pretty much told me to do exactly what I was already doing right before
> checking my Email, so that's a great sign.
> > long story short, there are three utilities i know of that may be used
> > to keep your applications up-to-date irrespective of the installation
> > method; they are portupgrade, portmanager and portmaster;
> > i personally use portupgrade; with this tool you may specify whether you
> > want you applications updated in the binary or in the source form;
> I'm currently reading about Portmanager, because I like the simple
> "portmanager -u" option I see. I'm going to probably try that one out
> first to see how it goes. Right now the machine is running portsnap
> fetch && portsnap extract && portsnap update
> Once that's done I'm going to start installing some stuff on it to try
> out. Hopefully FVWM2 works out; For some reason, my other FreeBSD
> install says it's installed but I can't use it. I'm probably going to
> just reinstall it because I LOVE it. I've been using Window Maker and
> Enlightenment mostly.
> > hope this helps;
> >
> > sasha
> Thanks,
> -Allen

about FVWM2 not working on your other FreeBSD install...
i'm not sure how you set up your X11 system and your window manager, but
this section of the handbook, Chapter 6 The X Window System, has
instructions for setting up a desktop environment as well as a window
manager of your choice; it's a matter of specifying the path to the
executable for your window manager either in $HOME/.xsession or
in $HOME/.xinitrc depending on whether you use XDM or some other display


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