Port, Packages, and Patching, Upgrading

Allen Unix.Hacker at comcast.net
Tue Dec 20 09:40:31 UTC 2011

On 12/20/2011 4:19 AM, Alexander Kapshuk wrote:
> you may want to look up this section of the handbook:
> Chapter 5 Installing Applications: Packages and Ports
> How to upgrade your applications is explained there;

I actually am doing so right now. I started cleaning out the CPU cooling
system on my old test machine, and after getting crap out of the Fan, I
got it to boot, and started installing FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE on it, then
did a Net Install over FTP.

While I let that run, I decided to start looking at the web site for
FreeBSD, and reading up on Ports. I guess I'm on the right track, as you
pretty much told me to do exactly what I was already doing right before
checking my Email, so that's a great sign.

> long story short, there are three utilities i know of that may be used
> to keep your applications up-to-date irrespective of the installation
> method; they are portupgrade, portmanager and portmaster;
> i personally use portupgrade; with this tool you may specify whether you
> want you applications updated in the binary or in the source form;

I'm currently reading about Portmanager, because I like the simple
"portmanager -u" option I see. I'm going to probably try that one out
first to see how it goes. Right now the machine is running portsnap
fetch && portsnap extract && portsnap update

Once that's done I'm going to start installing some stuff on it to try
out. Hopefully FVWM2 works out; For some reason, my other FreeBSD
install says it's installed but I can't use it. I'm probably going to
just reinstall it because I LOVE it. I've been using Window Maker and
Enlightenment mostly.

> hope this helps;
> sasha



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