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Dave articulated:

> > Im new to FreeBSD and did a FTP of 8.2 and unzipped to a cd rom. It
> > was an ISO Version. I then FTP the CDROM BOOT file and un zipped it.
> > Unfortunately It wont auto start when i put disk in computer
> > startup. Need support.. Is the windows format on disk causing
> > problems?
> > 
> > 
> Daniel..
> The "Windows format" has nothing to do with the problem.
> You need to take the .ISO image files, and burn a CD from it, not
> extract or copy it to a CD..
> For Windows, I use this:-
>   It works very well, and the
> price is right (free.)  Very easy to use.
> If you already have "Nero Buring Rom" installed, that will also take
> a .ISO file, and use it to burn a CD.  Slightly more complex to use,
> but does a good job.  (You need to select "Burn an image to disk"
> option, then go look for the .ISO file to use, it's not the default!)
> There are many similar tools for the job, but just unzipping the file
> to a cd will not make a bootable disk.
> Contrary to what some have said, Windows (certainly XP and earlier)
> do not recognise the .ISO format natively, so no ammount of clicking
> or double clicking on it will help.
> You do of course, also have to configure your PC's bios to boot from
> a CD, or know the hotkey to interupt it's normal boot sequence, and
> tell it to boot from an alternative drive.

I don't remember if the OP listed the version of Windows that they were
using. If it is Windows 7, then all they need do to burn an ISO
image in Windows 7 is simply right-click on an ISO image and choose
"Burn disc image". A menu will pop up giving the user the option of
choosing where to burn the image and if they want to verify the burn.
It couldn't get any simpler.

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