Printer issue on FreeBSD

Al Plant noc at
Sun Dec 11 02:34:41 UTC 2011

Aloha Gurus...

I had a  a print server  power supply burn out and took the HD and 
motherboard board with it. The box I replaced it with took the install 
of Manolis 8.0 Release DVD ok for the base and I used portsnap to bring 
apfilter on board. Thats all there is on it.

/etc hosts  lists all boxes that were served by the old box (see below) 
and I am using the same server IP

/etc/ hosts.lpd
host3.intra .net
wireless_host.   (linux laptop not on printer but on the lan)

The FreeBSD worked fine on the box that burned up.
Printer is HP laserjet1100

Settings in /etc/printcap (on the server)


This all prints ok test from the server  using command line lpr -P 
ljet4q /etc/rc.conf

This does not work from any other hosts on the lan as it used to on the 
old server.  (not working from xorg or text from command line on the 
hosts on the line to be clear.)

I can ping from box to box and can use ftp to print from the server by 
sending a text file to it from the other hosts on the lan.

Any help appreciated.

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