OT: C|Net's Download.com adware, spyware, malware hijinkx.

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Fri Dec 9 18:03:08 UTC 2011

On Fri, 9 Dec 2011 09:38:59 -0600, Ryan Coleman wrote:
> It's still not malware, it's bloatware. Why would you
> not go to the development website to get the program anyway?

Uninvitedly adding toolbars, changing web browser
home page and default search engine are - in my
opinion - malicious acts, so the term "malware"
may be correct here. Maybe the term "spyware" is
also appropriate, depending on what the "additions"
actually do behind the curtain.

Note an important thing: When careless users will
notice the change, they will maybe blame the authors
of the original software, not the distributor.
This could do damage to F/O products, at least
in "Windows" land.

Luckily, those who build from source or use
precompiled packages from a trustworthy
vendor don't have to care for that stuff. :-)

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