AHCI driver and static device names

Rob lists at midsummerdream.org
Sat Dec 3 16:25:09 UTC 2011

Is there a loader.conf entry to enable the static ids, or will the ahci 
driver always use static ids if "options ATA_STATIC_ID" is in the kernel 
config?  I desire to use stock kernels and the 9-rc2 boot iso seems to 
not have ATA_STATID_ID set (unless there's a loader.conf value to enable 
the functionality)


On 12/3/11 3:44 AM, Denise H. G. wrote:
> On 2011/12/03 at 10:51, Rob<lists at midsummerdream.org>  wrote:
>> I was getting ready to install the latest FreeBSD 9-RCs image, and I
>> found that 9 now defaults to using the ahci driver for sata disks.
>> This would be great if it weren't for the fact that the ahci driver
>> seems to do dynamic device name assignment as opposed to the static
>> ones used with the older drivers.
>> I've looked around on google and while this is mentioned (in old
>> threads), the "solution" is to use labels or elaborate mapping via
>> hints which really aren't solutions imo.  If I have 15 disks in an
>> array, I want to be able to label them and know which bay is which
>> device name. If I have to replace a drive, I have no idea what dynamic
>> device name it will have when it comes time to partition (and label,
>> if I were using that).  I could probably figure it out by looking at
>> what disks are used on the system, but that's more work that it really
>> should be.
> It seems AHCI driver uses static naming policies if you have 'options
> ATA_STATIC_ID' in your kernel configuration. Anyway, I just have one
> SATA disk, which the system recognizes as 'ada4'.
> I don't know whether this will apply in your case.
>> Is there a way to use the ahci driver and get static device names?
>> Rob
>> ................

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