Alternative windowmanagers

Michael Cardell Widerkrantz mc at
Wed Aug 24 18:34:20 UTC 2011

Christian Barthel <bc at>, 2011-08-05 21:12 (+0200):

> What is your window manager? 

Obviously, I use x11-wm/mcwm. More about it here, including a

Be sure to update your ports tree before installing so you get the
latest version. Or download the latest tarball from the website. Or use

mcwm is a minimalist stacking window manager based on the X C Binding
(XCB) library, the new (well...) Xlib replacement. mcwm doesn't use Xlib
at all. The window manager never draws anything: no window decorations,
no menus, no nothing. Windows still get a thin 1 pixel frame as a
feature of the X protocol. Configurable.

Good keyboard control, including moving and resizing. You will feel
right at home if you have played Nethack.

Virtual workspaces are supported. Switching is fast even on slow

RANDR is supported. mcwm knows about different physical screens.

On this machine (an ARM based netbook from Genesi) mcwm uses 668 kBytes
resident memory.

Before writing mcwm I had a period when I was using evilwm, which shows
quite a bit in the key bindings of mcwm, and before that I was mainly a
CTWM user. I was also using 9wm for a while, way back, mostly on the X
terminal standing next to the real Plan 9 box in my office.

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