to come from Linux to FreeBSD

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On 24/08/2011 07:34, Mihamina Rakotomandimby wrote:
> I am from Linux (Debian & Ubuntu) and I will have to intensively use
> FreeBSD on servers (DNS, Database, Routing...)
> I would like to install a FreeBSD on my laptop (Dell Inspiron, or some
> Asus not defined yet) and then virtualize a lot (KVM seems OK) in order
> to get used.
> For the install on a laptop:
> If my Wifi chipset is ever unsupported is it probably the same status if
> I try to switch to a FreeBSD derivative?
> Or more precisely: What FreeBSD derivative would you recommend if
> wanting to have a usable laptop that can virtualize several flavors of
> FreeBSD derivatives?

Probably start by installing PC-BSD -- that's based on FreeBSD but
tailored to providing the sort of desktop environment you'ld want on a

Virtualization is actually a bit of a tricky thing with FreeBSD.
There's Jail, which is excellent -- very light weight, but it only works
with FreeBSD guests.  There's VirtualBox, but that runs the guest OSes
as a standard client application and it tends to be slow, or there's
Xen, where dom0 support by FreeBSD is in the works, but probably not
good enough for production use yet.

Running FreeBSD as a guest under most virtualization software works well
-- it's fine with Linux KVM for instance.



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