net/netatalk afpd causes abort on amd64?

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Mon Aug 8 15:37:38 UTC 2011

On 8/8/11 7:46 AM, Kouichiro Iwao wrote:
> Hi. After upgraded to current portversion of netatalk, 
> I cannot start netatalk. I do rc.d/netatalk start then afpd
> fails SIGABRT. On i386 freebsd, netatalk/afpd works fine.
> Any solutions to use netatalk on amd64?
> pid 19160 (afpd), uid 0: exited on signal 6 (core dumped)
> pid 19175 (afpd), uid 0: exited on signal 6 (core dumped)
> pid 19188 (afpd), uid 0: exited on signal 6 (core dumped)

If you compiled with Zeroconf support (the default), then you need to
make sure Avahi is running.  Add avahi_daemon_enable="YES" and
avahi_dnsconf_enable="YES" to rc.conf and reboot (or run the two rc.d
scripts).  Alternatively, you can rebuild netatalk without Zeroconf support.


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