portupgrades fail because of missing /usr/local/lib/liblzma.la

Ewald Jenisch a at jenisch.at
Thu Aug 4 12:44:08 UTC 2011

Hi Matthew,

Unfortunately this doesn't work as expected:

# pkg_info -Rx xz
Information for xz-5.0.3:

so it seems like nothing depens on xz.

Next, I did a fresh cvsup for the ports-tree followed by a "pkgdb -L";
then again "pkg_info -Rx xz" - again nothing seems to depend on xz.

So I tried "portupgrade -arR" again - sure enough it failed with the
same errors:

/usr/local/lib/liblzma.la: No such file or directory

So how can I rebuild all ports that depend on "xz" without even
knowing which ones depend on xz (because pkg_info -Rx says nothing
depends on xz)??

Puzzled... :-|.

Thanks much in advance for your help!


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