top-posting 'condescending asshats' (to use Ryan Coleman's description of himself)

Jon Radel jon at
Wed Aug 3 23:28:00 UTC 2011

On 8/3/11 3:01 PM, Robert Bonomi wrote:

> *ANY* situation where the elapsed time between messages is longer than the
> recipient's ability to retain the 'frame of reference' (i.e., the previous
> message) in memory, it _is_ harder for the recipient of the message to follow
> top-posted content than interleaved/bottom-posted.  They _do_ have to scan
> back-and-forth to find out (first) _what_ is being talked about,and (then)
> what the response is.

But you can learn so very many interesting things if you read down to 
the part that has the internal discussion about what they wish to tell 
you, which they completely loose track of by they time they send you a 
nice sanitized statement way up top.....   ;-)

--Jon Radel
jon at

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