access an extended partition and

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Thu Apr 28 14:32:39 UTC 2011

sofiane chabane wrote:

> Good morning,
> I have installed FreeBSD in a multiboot way on my PC but till now I can't
> access my extended partition. Indeed, on my PC I have 4 primary partitions
> that I organized like this:
>  Primary partition 1 : WinRE of windows vista
>  Primary partition 2 : windows Vista
>  Primary partition 3 : FreeBSD
>  Primary partition 4 that is the extended one contains:
>              Logical partition 1 : windows XP
>              Logical partition 2 : a Gnu/Linux distribution
>              Logical partition 3 : Data
> So, the problem is that I can't access the extended partion especially the
> Data one. This is my first problem.
> The second one is this:
> I'd like to change my profil picture (on my logging screen-I'm using KDE)
> and put my personal photo for example; I have tried but kdbm inducates
> that it 's impossible to do it. These are the problems I've encountered,
> so I hope I were concise. Thank you very much for being so kind and help
> me to solve these problems.

The so-called Dos 'Extended Partition' begins numbering with ad(x)s5.  It's 
been so long since I dealt with this. Partitions 'c' is a special 
designation and 'b' usually is reserved for swap. But a wild guess would be 
that your logical partition 1 (windows XP) would be ad(x)s5a, [substitute 
drive number for (x)]  - the next would be ad(x)s5d, and ad(x)s5e (maybe 
your 'Data' one?). You can manually use the mount command to test mount to 
somewhere like /mnt before trying to hardcode into fstab, if indeed you even 
wish to do so.


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