easy Firewall setup

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 02:34:42 UTC 2011

On Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 9:06 PM, Daniel Staal <DStaal at usa.net> wrote:
> --As of April 25, 2011 7:43:33 PM -0500, Antonio Olivares is alleged to have
> said:
>> I don't know which one to use, is there a page, howto (build a
>> firewall or convert an existing one) to use here?  All I want is to be
>> allowed to visit websites but don't allow anyone out there to come in
>> somehow a template that I can use and try out to see if I can get it
>> working.  Of course the network name might be different, but I can try
>> to figure things out.
> If all you want is a firewall, I'd go with this:
> <http://www.pfsense.org/>
> Based on FreeBSD, but they've set it up nice and put an easy-to-use
> interface on top of it.
> Of course if you wanted you could always just install the base system, turn
> on routing, and configure pf/iptables.  There's not really a whole lot to
> either one, really...  But if you don't feel like learning their syntax
> right now, or doing everything via a text editor, I'd really go with
> pfsense.  (Even if you *do* know their syntax, in most cases I'd go with
> pfsense...)
>> After figuring this out, my next big job/task is to use FreeBSD to
>> make up a new router/dhcp server to give/assign ip numbers to machines
>> from one and give to many.  This has been something hard that I have
>> failed at several times.  Maybe with FreeBSD I can be successfull?
> pfsense has a DHCP server, no problem there.
> Daniel T. Staal
> ---------------------------------------------------------------

Thanks for sharing this.  I have a base FreeBSD 8.2 system on one
machine and I would like to setup a firewall that allows me to visit
websites and not allow incoming traffic.  Something easy to set up and
start like
/etc/local/rc.d/rc.pf start
or similar.  A nice example which I can change somethings like name of
network device, i.e, nv0, or similar device.

I will try further reading and try to set something up as I am afraid
to screw things up.



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