Jails: How do i limit what ifconfig shows?

Peter Toth freebsd at snap.net.nz
Sat Apr 23 09:00:06 UTC 2011

Use ugidfw to limit/deny access to ifconfig - "man  ugidfw"


On 04/23/11 08:21, xor wrote:
> Hullo
> First off, thanks for a lovely operating system <3
> I decided to go for FreeBSD perhaps 3 days ago. Before, ive been an
> Debian/OpenBSD guy, and ive only used my obsd box for redundant
> firewalls and networking. Ive not been running any services off the
> boxen.
> The reason I decided to go for FreeBSD is because of the Jails. Ive
> looked around a bit, but I can not find anything about how to limit
> what interfaces that ifconfig shows. I would like it to hide pretty
> much everything so that _no_ information about the host systems
> networking leaks into the jails. I dont want jails to know anything
> but their IP-numbers and which computer to use for DNS lookups,
> essentially.
> Is there any good text out there that describes how to do this? Ive
> searched a bit for it, but Ive been unable to find anything but the
> basics.
> Thanks!
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