router / firewall with PF and carp.

Patrick Lamaiziere patfbsd at
Thu Sep 30 22:17:20 UTC 2010


We are in the process to replace two Cisco Pix firewalls and one Cisco
router with two servers running PF with carp. The network is large
(it is an University) and all will depend on this two machines.

We have made some tests with OpenBSD, PF and OpenBGPD and it looks to
work (but we have to make a lot of more tests to validate this).

I think that the support for an OpenBSD release is very small (only one
year) and I'm suggesting to use FreeBSD instead (we can expect ~3/4
years of support if we follow a stable branch).

I am an happy user of FreeBSD since some time - I mean that I know it is
not perfect and there are some bugs! - but I dont have any experience
running it as a router on a large network. So, are PF and carp expected
to work fine on FreeBSD or are there some known problems?

Do you think that OpenBSD suits better for this?

Thanks, regards.

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