Recycling of volumes in Bacula

Albin Vega albinv4616 at
Wed Sep 29 12:52:39 UTC 2010


I have now set up my first couple of backup jobs, both local and over
internet and it seems to bee working fine!! Quite happy about this since its
my first time using Bacula! However I have a couple of questions about
version control an recycling of volumes.
First a little info. I have 5 jobs running, each with its ovn fd/sd and pool
so they can run at the same time. I use incremental backup. Here is the
config of the pool and client for one of the jobs.

# File Pool definition
Pool {
  Name = buzzy-pool
  Pool Type = Backup
#  Accept Any Volume = yes                 # write on any volume in the pool
  LabelFormat = "buzzy-"
  Recycle = yes                                   # Bacula can automatically
recycle Volumes
  AutoPrune = yes                               # Prune expired volumes
  Volume Retention = 1 year                 # 1 year
  Maximum Volume Bytes = 50G          # Limit Volume size to something
  Maximum Volumes = 10                    # Limit number of Volumes in Pool

Question: When a volume gets recycled, are all the files on that volume just
deleted, or is it just files that has been deleted on the server being
backed up that is deleted?

client {
  Name = buzzy-fd
  Address =
  FDPort = 9102
  Catalog = MyCatalog
  Password = "Password"               # password for FileDaemon 2
  File Retention = 6 months           # 6 months
  Job Retention = 6 months            # six months
  AutoPrune = yes                        # Prune expired Jobs/Files

What I would really like is this:
1. When a deleted file gets older than 6 months (a file that is deleted in
the original server beeing backed up) I would like it to be deleted in the
Bacula system. But I dont want files that in general is older than 6 months
(and not deleted from the original server beeing backed up) to be deleted
from the Bacula system.
2. When sombody changes a file, the file gets backed up again by Bacula, and
every time its chaned it get backed up. Is there a way to configure that
Bacula only keeps the 4 -5 last versions of this file, and delete the older

I have looked in the manual but not found any good explanations on this.
Google it didnt turn up anything either..

Hope someone could give me som feedback on this.

Best regards

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