IPFW firewall and TCP ports

Bas Smeelen b.smeelen at ose.nl
Wed Sep 29 12:51:26 UTC 2010

On 09/29/2010 02:16 PM, Carmel wrote:
> While perusing my Apache httpd-error.log, I noticed a large number of
> attempts to access my phpmyadmin directory, as well as a few less know
> others. Most of these probes originated from China. Since I have no
> legitimate business dealing with that region, I decided to create a
> table in my IPFW firewall to block them. This is an example:
> ## IPFW Firewall Rules
> # Set rules command prefix
> cmd="ipfw -q add"
> # public interface name of NIC facing the public Internet
> pif="nfe0"  
> # Lets start by listing known bad IP addresses and blocking them. We
> # will put them into a table for easier handling.
> ipfw -q table 1 add
> ipfw -q table 1 add
> $cmd set 1 deny log all from table\(1\) to any in via $pif
> The above is the first entry in my "rules" file. I know that IPFW is
> working since I have blocked other ports for other services and it has
> worked correctly.
> The problem is that these IPs are not being blocked. I continue to see
> them listed in the httpd-error.log. I have rebooted my machine and
> therefore am quite certain that these rules are being loaded.
> The problem is that I probably do not understand how to properly block
> an IP or range of IPs from accessing my web server correctly. I would
> really appreciate any assistance.
There is an archived thread on the freebsd forums
And a long list of ranges on http://www.parkansky.com/china.htm with
uses apaches features to block these address ranges
I see this also on our webservers, but it doesn't bother those servers or me
Maybe try blocken those ranges first with a rule for each to get the
right subnets and put them in a table afterwards?

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