FreeBSD on Compaq mini CQ10 anyone?

BernardL freebsd at
Mon Sep 27 21:31:25 UTC 2010

  Le 27/09/2010 05:06, Edward a écrit :
>> I just got one and was wondering if anyone was running FreeBSD on it
>> and how well does it work out of the box.
>> All comments are welcome.
> Try PCBSD (, is a Desktop BSD variant based on FreeBSD.
> Personally, I've used FreeBSD in a laptop in a few occasions but after
> trying out PCBSD, this path requires the least effort to setup a
> Desktop. The installation&  setting up of hardware is too easy. The
> kernel that comes with it, does a good job in recognizing the wireless
> chip, sound card, NIC, display&  other stuff. Even though it uses the
> PBI format to install software on PCBSD, one can still use port to
> install additional softwares on it by using the "portjail" console. Both
> PBI&  port works together well.
> In short, it definitely worth a try! :)
I have tried to install PC-BSD without success. In the process, the 
screen turned black and i had to turn the CQ10 off. I don't know whether 
there is an issue with PC-BSD or if I did something wrong.
Bernard Lecuire

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