FreeBSD on Compaq mini CQ10 anyone?

Edward myself at
Mon Sep 27 03:06:13 UTC 2010

> I just got one and was wondering if anyone was running FreeBSD on it
> and how well does it work out of the box.
> All comments are welcome.
Try PCBSD (, is a Desktop BSD variant based on FreeBSD.
Personally, I've used FreeBSD in a laptop in a few occasions but after
trying out PCBSD, this path requires the least effort to setup a
Desktop. The installation & setting up of hardware is too easy. The
kernel that comes with it, does a good job in recognizing the wireless
chip, sound card, NIC, display & other stuff. Even though it uses the
PBI format to install software on PCBSD, one can still use port to
install additional softwares on it by using the "portjail" console. Both
PBI & port works together well.

In short, it definitely worth a try! :)

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