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Frank Shute frank at
Thu Sep 23 08:36:13 UTC 2010

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 10:29:38PM -0500, Jorge Biquez wrote:
> Hello all.
> In all these years I have been working with FreeBSd under 
> terminal/shell mode. Since all my needs to solve have been solved 
> that way I have never tried any graphical interface.
> I was wondering if you can tell suggest me based on yoru experience 
> on what path to follow? KDE? any other?
> I would like to test what you suggest is the best for you and if 
> possible that it is not TOO complicated to setup. The idea is to use 
> it as my desktop plattfor (documents, browser, email, etc)
> Thanks in advance
> Jorge Biquez

I remember years ago that I first started using Linux in just the
console and did so for about 6 months before I set up X. It was such a
pleasure to get away from a GUI and to a CLI :)

When I did set up X, I used fvwm as my WM for many years, then
Blackbox and now Fluxbox.

I like the *boxes and fvwm as they have simple text based
configuration files and are easy to customise to one's own needs.

I still just have a couple of xterms running under fluxbox and tend to
launch a lot of programs from them.

You might find a simple setup, as I've described above, comfortable
for your needs rather than a full-blown desktop environment such as
Gnome or KDE.

My belief is that people who are comfortable with Gnome/KDE are people
who are familiar with working in a GUI such as Windows® and haven't
come from the commandline.




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