The nightmarish problem of installing a printer

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> On 21.09.2010 13:37, Jerry wrote:
> > The bottom line is that installing and running a printer on a
> > Window's machine is usually far easier than on a *nix variation.
> > Even sharing a printer on a network in a Windows environment is
> > simpler.
> Actually ... no. Unless you are talking about the "keep HP happy by
> purchasing ink every week" usb-printers.
> Personally, for bulk printing, and even more so for intermittent
> printing (the kind where ink dries up and gets tossed away when you
> use the printer once every blue moon), most users would save a _LOT_
> of money by looking at a laser printer instead. Take a good look at
> Xerox'es "Phaser" line (used to be tektronix phaser). They're no
> longer pawn-your-firstborn expensive, they're reliable, and they
> basically speak every standard protocol on the market (including both
> Postscript and PCL).

1) I was not referring specifically to HP

2) Personally, I have never had a printer connected via USB

3) I was referring to connecting a printer via a wireless connection, a
very common occurrence and one I employ in my home. It is also becoming
more common in business environments since it makes relocating a printer
far simpler.

The cheapest multi-function laser recommended by you is the Phaser
6128MFP, an obviously loss-loser. The next version is $1500. I can buy
a lot of ink for that. I agree that a laser printer is fine for a
business environment; however, it would be total over-kill, and a gross
waste of money, to install one in my home.

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