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We have a source code that needs to be compiled. Its the OpenGroup's DCE( 
used as RPC).
The source code is available , but we are not able to compile it with 
either AIX's make utility or gmake.

The syntax corresponds to BSD's make.

Will try getting the make utility from the URL?

Is there any other make utility. I am not sure if bmake is the exact 
utility we require.

The makefile has macros as          -- > .if define
                                          ---> .if exists
and all the statements start with ..   GMAKE or AIX make throws errors 
with this make file.

Will bmake be the right make utility to for above type of source code?

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On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 7:53 AM, <srividya.k at> wrote:
    Is BSD compatible with AIX unix system?( AIX version 6).
We require the make utility of BSD to compile few source programs?

Are you SURE you need BSD Make?
    If so why?

Secondly,.... it is available from
    Very simple install instructions on that page too.

Is there any make utility compatible with AIX?  Could you please give us
the URL where we can get the same?

Yes LOTS,... bmake/nmake/gnu make/etc. etc. etc.
    All Make commands are not made alike.... you need to use the one that 
suits the syntax of the makefile in question.

Judging from the Q that was asked... if the software you want to compile 
is OpenSource look into NetBSD's Pkgsrc system.... 

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