gs-8-8.71 under 8.1-Release missing x11 devices

Michael Powell nightrecon at
Sun Sep 12 02:09:47 UTC 2010

Jin Guojun[VFF] wrote:

> gs 8-8.71 under FreeBSD 8.1-R seems missing x11 device.
> When use ghostview, it complains "/unknown device x11"
> /By tracing around, I found it was caused by gs 8-8.71. As typing "gs
> --help", it shows much less
> devices supported than gs 8-8.62 under FreeSBD 6.4-R.
> By searching on the Internet, one message says that this could be
> resulted by build config.
> Is this true? or can gs be dynamically configured to use x11 device?

Possibly, if the module was built at compile time when selected from the 
make config list. However, I suspect it is not needed and just in the way. 
There may be a .conf file somewhere where you could tell it not to load the 
X11 modules even though they may have been built.
> Hopefully, users do not have to recompile ghostscript.

When you run make config in the ghostscript port you should get a list with 
checkboxes to set build configuration. Unless there is some direct need you 
might consider clearing the X11 checkbox(es) and recompiling with make, then 
make deinstall, followed by make reinstall. 

If you want to completely clear the build config simply do make rmconfig and 
it will remove previously saved options. Then make should present you with 
the build config option screen with default options preselected. Doing make 
config allows to pull up the saved options for adjustment as needed. 

But the short answer is you probably need to rebuild the port without the 
X11 modules which are producing your errors and probably not needed anyway.


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