gs-8-8.71 under 8.1-Release missing x11 devices

Jin Guojun[VFF] jguojun at
Sat Sep 11 20:45:58 UTC 2010

gs 8-8.71 under FreeBSD 8.1-R seems missing x11 device.
When use ghostview, it complains "/unknown device x11"

/By tracing around, I found it was caused by gs 8-8.71. As typing "gs 
--help", it shows much less
devices supported than gs 8-8.62 under FreeSBD 6.4-R.

By searching on the Internet, one message says that this could be 
resulted by build config.
Is this true? or can gs be dynamically configured to use x11 device?

Hopefully, users do not have to recompile ghostscript.


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