PDF to HTML translations

Charlie Kester corky1951 at comcast.net
Mon Sep 6 23:33:21 UTC 2010

On Mon 06 Sep 2010 at 16:09:41 PDT Charlie Kester wrote:
>On Mon 06 Sep 2010 at 12:02:07 PDT Warren Block wrote:
>>On Mon, 6 Sep 2010, Chad Perrin wrote:
>>>I've started looking at the Xpdf tools as well as pdftohtml.  Other
>>>suggestions from within ports would be appreciated.  Additional options
>>>other than what can be found in ports might also be useful, understanding
>>>the needs I sketched out above.  The script itself is Perl, in case that
>>An alternative might be to render the PDF to a relatively low-res 
>>bitmap.  Then the HTML becomes just an IMG.  You can do that 
>>with Ghostscript, or use ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick.
>Which, if I correctly understand the description on freshmeat, is almost
>exactly what pdf2html does.
>I downloaded the latest version just now and tried building it.  The
>build failed with some syntax errors in pbm2png.c, so if anyone wants
>to add this to ports, they'll have some cleanup work to do.

FWIW, the syntax errors are all due to some misplaced line breaks.
Re-joining all the lines that generate a warning about a missing
terminating " character fixes this. 

(This was using gcc 4.2.1.)

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