Applying a patch to a port

Leonidas Tsampros ltsampros at
Fri Sep 3 12:53:18 UTC 2010

bsd <bsd at> writes:

> Hello, 
> I have a patch for clamav that was submited by a developer of clamav. 
> I don't know how to apply It to the source code of the port. 
> What I would like to do: 
> 1. Get the source code 
> 2. cd to the source directory 
> 3. Apply the patch 
> 4. Recompile 
> 5. Test 


as a starting point you could follow this procedure:

a) cd /usr/ports/security/clamav
b) make extract
c) cd work/clamav-whatever-version
d) patch -p0 <
e) cd ../..
f) make install (as usual)

Hope this helps.

Best Regards
Leonidas Tsampros

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