pkg_add fail on FreeBSD V8.0

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Tue Nov 30 20:52:17 UTC 2010

On Tue, 30 Nov 2010 20:39:24 -0000, "Dave" <dave at> wrote:
> So, can I (and how) get this version to use I guess the 
> 8.1 repository, or how do I cleanly update this to 8.1, though to 
> maintain my needed PPS support I guess I'll need to recompile the kernel 
> again? Is the change from V8.0 to V8.1 realy that a big step?

There is no such thing like a "version-centered repository"
like on many Linusi. If you install a port via pkg_add -r,
it will always be a current port.

As time marches on, the ports tree on the servers changes.
>From time to time, packages are built from this ports tree
using each port's default settings. Those binary packages
are then installed via the pkg_add -r program.

See "man pkg_add", especially where PACKAGEROOT and
PACKAGESITE are mentioned.

You can, however, install precompiled binary packages for
-RELEASE if you want. Instead of Latest/, a different
subtree of packages will be addressed on the server.

> Or compile Hiawatha from sources?  (I *Will* need guidance and hand-
> holding to do that!)

No big deal.

	# cd /usr/ports/www/hiawatha/
	# make install

See "man ports" for details on how the ports system holds
your hand when dealing with source. :-)

You can also use a port management tool to do that. In my
opinion, the most important one is portmaster. I've been
using portinstall / portupgrade for many years now. It
also allows you to select if you want to compile from
source, e. g.

	# portinstall www/hiawatha/

or if you intendedly want to use a precompiled package
if available, e. g.

	# portinstall -PP www/hiawatha/

See "man portupgrade" and "man pkgdb" for details.

Allthough some consider it "bad behaviour", you can mix
using ports and packages. As long as you keep an eye on
not duplicating stuff (pkgdb -aF helps here), it will
work well.

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