How long laptop battery should live ?

Julian Fagir gnrp at
Tue Nov 23 22:09:20 UTC 2010


> I just looked into a batt for my daughters dell, her li-on lasted 14
> months, now on "full" charge it only lasts 40 mins...  Terrible.  If you
> can get 2 years out of a batt ur lucky.  I read some tech docs on li-on
> cells; if you can store at 50% charge in the fridge and when in use don't
> let it run down 100%.
in my opinion, there's just one rule: Don't trust anybody.
There are so many people who claim do be professionals, who say totally
contrary things.
On the one hand, there are many 'facts' which are falsely applied to
LiIon-batteries which don't apply. On the other hand, there are many stories
people remember from years long ago or from cheap notebooks without an
'intelligent' battery.

Just to add another story from me: I have two batteries in my notebook, the
one is always drowned to zero before the other one is being used (no, there
are no possibilities to control that in my case). The one being drowned
first, though not that often used that hard (appr once a week) was nearly
dead after 1 1/2 years (6/23Wh), while the other one still has 23/27Wh.

Regards, Julian
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