How long laptop battery should live ?

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Tue Nov 23 22:03:04 UTC 2010

I just looked into a batt for my daughters dell, her li-on lasted 14 months, now on "full" charge it only lasts 40 mins...  Terrible.  If you can get 2 years out of a batt ur lucky.  I read some tech docs on li-on cells; if you can store at 50% charge in the fridge and when in use don't let it run down 100%.

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I just realized that my HP laptop lost the half battery capacity. Take a look :

markand at Melon ~ $ acpiconf -i 0
Design capacity:	4400 mAh
Last full capacity:	2132 mAh
Technology:		secondary (rechargeable)
Design voltage:		14400 mV
Capacity (warn):	200 mAh
Capacity (low):		100 mAh
Low/warn granularity:	100 mAh
Warn/full granularity:	100 mAh
Model number:		Primary
Serial number:		02109 2009/08/11
Type:			LIon
OEM info:		Hewlett-Packard
State:			charging
Remaining capacity:	0%
Remaining time:		unknown
Present rate:		3061 mA
Voltage:		15751 mV

Design capacity:	4400 mAh
Last full capacity:	2132 mAh

I'm guessing if this should be, the laptop has only about 8 months and
I don't use it much on battery, only around one day per week and not
until the battery is empty. If I remember correctly my old laptop
didn't lost so much of capacity in a few months like that.

My question is : how long a battery should live ? is anything could
bring down the battery sooner ?

I hope the next battery wont be too much expensive and will live more..


Demelier David
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