FreeBSD and large harddrives

Adam Vande More amvandemore at
Fri Nov 19 08:55:53 UTC 2010

On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 2:03 AM, Andy Wodfer <wodfer at> wrote:

> I have learned lots here. Too bad I have to find another use for my 4 x 2TB
> green WDC drives I have laying around. Anyways - they'll probably end up as
> a temp/work drive on a few Windows stations.
> Btw. will these drive work better in a ZFS "pool/tank" (not connected to a
> raid card)? I have noticed on my FreeNAS server that you can group several
> drives together into "one" large ZFS "drive".

They should be fine in ZFS, I think there is also a utility to set the
amount of time before it parks the heads, if you raise the time you should
less of the load/unload cycles.  Not sure if it's mentioned, but those
drives are susceptible to misalignment, however that shouldn't be an issue
if you use the whole drive.

Adam Vande More

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