FreeBSD and large harddrives

Andy Wodfer wodfer at
Fri Nov 19 08:03:38 UTC 2010

Thanks a lot to all who responded to my post.

I have learned lots here. Too bad I have to find another use for my 4 x 2TB
green WDC drives I have laying around. Anyways - they'll probably end up as
a temp/work drive on a few Windows stations.

Btw. will these drive work better in a ZFS "pool/tank" (not connected to a
raid card)? I have noticed on my FreeNAS server that you can group several
drives together into "one" large ZFS "drive".

So my conclusion is so far: I'm going to go for the 64bit version of FreeBSD
and use ZFS (mainly due to error correction), but perhaps UFS for the OS. I
will use a Raid controller (probably the RocketRaid 2640x1 which I have
here, but may also consider getting a new 3ware card with battery backup),
get the largest Raid Edition drives (need to order them) and use a separate
Raid 1 for the OS (or worst case simply a SATA connector on the motherboard
and backup this often) and a Raid 5 for the file storage area.

Again - thanks a lot for all your help! Very appreciated!

Best regards,

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