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Gary Kline kline at
Thu Nov 18 00:02:15 UTC 2010

	Okay guys, this is the only time I'll do this kind of blatent
	self-promotion, but at this link,
	is a link to the book that a bunch of this list has helped me 
	with over the past several months.  Three or four of you ... and
	one in particular. Yyou can read about it when I do my followup 
	HTML file that has the LOC copyright info.  I'll post a list of 
	ACK's then; for now I just want to get this going.  Since this is
	the only piece of creative fiction that is pro-FreeBSD [&& OPen
	source], I will be much obliged for your help in getting Journey
	yo ``go viral.'' :-)

	You'll recogonize people in the script.  I wouldn't go as far as
	saying that Seymour Cray is old man Gritzmacher; but there are
	several others.

	aGAin, first/last direct plug.  Feedback appreciated, only

	thanks to everybody,


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