firewall hardware running quasi FreeBSD

Gary Kline kline at
Wed Nov 17 23:15:50 UTC 2010


The weakest (and probably most costly power-wise) link among my
three computers is my '98 Kayak that runs pfSense.  I just found a 
computer that runs ATOM and has two NICS ... i need two because of
the way things were configured.  My Dell server and my AMD
"homebrew" that was build out of my prev'ly last new computer are 
vastly more efficient than my other hardware.  Altho the SSD chips 
are fairly new , I would rather put 8 or 16G of solid state memory
rather than have a spinning disk.  Maybe I'll buy both and disable
one or  the o ther.

Anybody know if I can buy this in COTS form  (cots == "commercial,
off-the-shelf).  I would rather have the vendor do it right there
since they do it by the truckload.  Among the few things that hasn't
been robotized:)

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