ejabberd won't startup

tom at diogunix.com tom at diogunix.com
Wed Nov 17 04:36:11 UTC 2010

Hi everybody dealing with ejabberd and/or erlang in a FreeBSD8-Jail !

I've built the ejabberd port (with ODBC support / the Erlang MySQL driver) 
two days ago but can't get it to run.

# ejabberdctl start 

spits out a huge bunch of Erlang error messages (unreadable for most 
humans), obviously saying that it can't connect properly to the loopback 
interface on Port 4369 (respectively connects but then immediately stops, 
causing a crash dump and not able to "register it's node"). Tcpdump shows 8 
pakets captured when pointing to the lo0 interface.

The jail is an ordinary Jail with no special configuration (just 1 IP and a 
proper hostname, running Postfix/Dovecot with MySQL just fine). PF or it's 
ruleset too seems not to be the cause as Erlang's behaviour is the same even 
with a switched off PF. Restarting the Jail and triple-checking it's 
parameters did not help too.

As the error can be reproduced solely with Erlang (without even starting 
ejabberd), the ejabberd.cfg file however does not seem to play any role.

I was told, this actually was an Erlang issue and so I first went to the 
Erlang folks (erlang mailing list). At least until now, they unfortunately 
could not help me making a real step.

So, I got stuck and now am in search for people successfully running 
ejabberd in a Jail. I have seen reports from the web on success and even I 
too had a test installation in a Jail running half a year ago (unfortunately 
did not note all details  before I wiped that testing machine).

My suggestion is, it might have something to do with the file
(responsible for name resolution for Erlang)

So, are there any Jail/ejabberd experts out there ?
Or just people having it up and running ?

kind regards

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