Michael Powell nightrecon at
Fri Nov 12 23:44:13 UTC 2010

Chris Brennan wrote:

> I've got a freebsd7.3 box running on an old VAIO PIII. For the most part
> Ziggy chugs along quite well as my backup internal webserver and dns
> slave.
> uname -a -> FreeBSD 7.3-RELEASE-p3 FreeBSD
> 7.3-RELEASE-p3 #8: Sun Oct 24 01:53:03 EDT 2010
> root at  i386
> This evening I was fixing the very old seti at home client that the machine
> has been chugging with for like 5 years now. The machine started out as a
> FreeBSD5 install and has been progressively upgraded over the years to
> it's current incarnate. While trying to use the client from this (
> I get the
> following error
> [seti at ziggy ~]$ ./BOINC/run_client --attach_project
> be1dc44b8692b798473781a73c1944b7 --daemon
> ./boinc: /lib/obsolete/linuxthreads/ version `GLIBC_2.4' not
> found (required by ./boinc)
> [seti at ziggy ~]$

There is a port devel/linuxthreads. An ldconfig -r |grep libc on an 8.1 
release system here returns: 0:-lc.7 => /lib/

Since the above error is complaining about an .so.6 version, I'm wondering 
if you might need either/and/or the linuxthreads port installed in addition 
to misc/compat6x. 
> Incidentally, the same exact i686 binary works just fine on my FBSD64-8.1
> laptop ... so what gives? I don't remember seeing a readily available
> GLIBC solution in ports.

A quick look at the ports version reveals it to be an older version than 
described above. Listed as a dependency is glib-2.24.2. It would appear to 
me that the newer version you are trying to run has been built against a 
different, albeit older and out-of-date set of libraries. My guess is it was 
built against FreeBSD 6.

I also believe if you were to install from ports it would be linking against  
pthread libs as opposed to the linuxthreads in the above error. Perhaps a 
closer examination and comparison against the FBSD64-8.1 that runs may show 
missing linuxthreads and compat6x? 

Just a wild guess on my part here.  :-)


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