FreeBSD-similar build-from-source Linux?

Thomas Mueller mueller6727 at
Thu Nov 11 10:14:53 UTC 2010

from "O. Hartmann" <ohartman at>;

> Hello out there,

> well, my question may sound heretic, but since we use mostly Linux based systems in our scientific environment and FreeBSD seems to lack in severe support in GPGPU/CUDA capable graphics boards I need to setup a kind of Linux facility to ensure having the software and tools I need for my work. I'm looking for a Linux distribution that is similar handled like FreeBSD, where I'm able to rebuild the whole system from sources, not even the the Linux kernel, also the GNU tools and the packages. Maybe there are some people out here having already taken this step.
> Any suggestion is appreciated,

> thanks in advance,

> Oliver

When I first saw that question, my first thoughts were Gentoo

Linux from Scratch

Lunar Linux

Slackware is a full Linux distribution with its own binary, not source, package manager that knows nothing about dependencies.

Linux does not come with a BSD-style base system, though a full distribution has many packages already put together and ready to install (like PC-BSD?).

>From what I could tell from the web sites, Gentoo and Lunar Linux have package managers included, but Linux from Scratch doesn't.

One package manager I've thought of for Linux is NetBSD pkgsrc, which has been ported to many Unixes and quasi-Unixes, am not sure what to start with for Linux.  There is System Rescue CD, which includes gcc/GNU tools, which might work as a starter: I haven't tried but plan to do what you plan to do, when I get that new computer I've been planning on, in addition to FreeBSD and perhaps NetBSD.


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