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El día Monday, August 23, 2010 a las 12:39:14PM +0300, Manolis Kiagias escribió:

> On 23/08/2010 10:08 π.μ., Matthias Apitz wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I've to re-install my laptop with some Windows version (Vista or Windows
> > 7) with disk encryption. Of course I will go on to work in FreeBSD
> > 9-CURRENT and KDE3 as desktop. Please, don't ask me why I have to put Windows below :-)
> >
> > I have some questions:
> >
> > >From the point of view of performance in FreeBSD, what would be better, Vista or
> > Win7?
> >   
> Win 7 is a lot better than Vista...
> > Any recommendation for the virtualisation software for best performance?
> >   
> Vmware achieves very good performance without trouble.
> VirtualBox works OK most of the time (and it's free) but I had some
> kernel panics running FreeBSD (unless the host is also FreeBSD!)
> Have not tried very recent versions though, it may have improved.

I'm now using Windows7 Professional and VMWare Workstation 7.0.

I have only one issue with this so far: Bridged Networking is not
working; to be more exactly: the host does not let go out UDP traffic to priv
ports <= 1023, for example UDP 53 for DNS; all other is working as
expected, IP and UDP to ports > 1023; I tested this with netcat(1) tool.

NAT'ed and Host Only networking is fine too.

I have Google'd for this and I only see that I'm not alone with this,
but as well not alone with no solution; for example here:

Ubuntu as guest has the same problem. A colleague claims that it works
fine with SuSE as guest, will check this out with his VM on my host and
VMWare installation.

Any ideas? Thanks


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