Multiple tun loadbalancing question

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Tue Nov 9 20:52:04 UTC 2010

On Nov 9, 2010, at 12:33 PM, Leonardo Santagostini wrote:
> Do you have some working config?

To answer this part more specifically, from "man ppp":

     Multi-link capabilities are enabled using the ``set mrru'' command (set
     maximum reconstructed receive unit).  Once multi-link is enabled, ppp
     will attempt to negotiate a multi-link connection with the peer.
[ ... ]
     Armed with this information, the following configuration might be used:

            set timeout 0
            set log phase chat
            set device /dev/cuad0 /dev/cuad1 /dev/cuad2
            set phone "123456789"
            set dial "ABORT BUSY ABORT NO\sCARRIER TIMEOUT 5 \"\" ATZ \
                      OK-AT-OK \\dATDT\\T TIMEOUT 45 CONNECT"
            set login
            set ifaddr
            set authname ppp
            set authkey ppppassword

            set mrru 1500
            clone 1,2,3            # Create 3 new links - duplicates of the default
            link deflink remove    # Delete the default link (called ``deflink'')

     Note how all cloning is done at the end of the configuration.  Usually,
     the link will be configured first, then cloned.  If you wish all links to
     be up all the time, you can add the following line to the end of your

             link 1,2,3 set mode ddial

     If you want the links to dial on demand, this command could be used:

             link * set mode auto

     Links may be tied to specific names by removing the ``set device'' line
     above, and specifying the following after the ``clone'' command:

            link 1 set device /dev/cuad0
            link 2 set device /dev/cuad1
            link 3 set device /dev/cuad2

     Use the ``help'' command to see which commands require context (using the
     ``link'' command), which have optional context and which should not have
     any context.

You might also check the fine FreeBSD Handbook for examples, also...


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