USGS ISIS 3.2.1: build failure on FBSD 8.1/9.0 due to oudated xerxec-c2 ?

O. Hartmann ohartman at
Tue Nov 9 19:34:50 UTC 2010

Tried to build the newest ISIS 3.2.1 software package for planetary 
survey science, but fail. I always get the following error which seems 
to be triggered due to an ambiguous overload of a function, but I do not 
know how to fix the problem since everything seems clen to me. The USGS 
ISIS package uses prebuild libraries, but only for two Linux 
distributions and OSX, libxerces is version 3.1 as far as I can see, but 
FreeBSD port textproc/xerces-c2 is stuck with 2.7. So far, ISIS 3.2.0 
could be build on FreeBSD 8 and 9 with minor problems but working. Is 
anybody out here also utilising FreeBSD for scientific purposes and alsi 
using ISIS3 3.2.1? Can anybody help or give a hint?

Thanks in advance,


Building object [IsisAml] (20:22:34)
In file included from 
                  from IsisAml.cpp:27:
/usr/local/include/xercesc/validators/schema/SchemaElementDecl.hpp: In 
member function 'virtual bool 
xercesc_2_7::SchemaElementDecl::isGlobalDecl() const':
warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions
IsisXMLApplication.cpp: In member function 'virtual void 
IsisXMLApplication::startElement(const XMLCh*, const XMLCh*, const 
XMLCh*, const xercesc_2_7::Attributes&)':
IsisXMLApplication.cpp:99: error: call of overloaded 
'getValue(XMLSize_t)' is ambiguous
/usr/local/include/xercesc/sax2/Attributes.hpp:195: note: candidates 
are: virtual const XMLCh* xercesc_2_7::Attributes::getValue(unsigned 
int) const
/usr/local/include/xercesc/sax2/Attributes.hpp:270: note: 
   virtual const XMLCh* xercesc_2_7::Attributes::getValue(const XMLCh*) 
gmake[5]: *** [IsisXMLApplication.o] Error 1
gmake[4]: *** [object] Error 2

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