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Quoth Chad Perrin on Sunday, 07 November 2010:

> Also of interest, Chromium loads the page on the other side of that link
> in about 75% of the time it takes Firefox to load it, and uzbl loads it
> in about 33% of the time it takes Chromium to load it.
> > 
> > > It's more efficient to use the keyboard even to switch focused windows
> > > or to follow links in a browser (provided that the window manager and
> > > browser are equipped with usable shortcuts).
> > 
> > Important point! But in reality you see keyboard support more
> > and more left out for the GUI programs - allthough they COULD
> > provide good keyboard support. WindowMaker (as a window manager)
> > and Opera (as a web browser) are, in my experience, examples
> > of how to combine good keyboard support with good mouse support.
> Vimperator and Vimium do much better jobs of combining those capabilities
> in my experience (for Firefox and Chromium, respectively).  While uzbl
> does not do as good a job of combining those approaches, it does a good
> enough job at the keyboard-driven stuff that it is a very rare case when
> using the TrackPoint would make more sense -- and, when it does make more
> sense, uzbl's mouse-driven interface support works fine.
> -- 
> Chad Perrin [ original content licensed OWL: ]

How do you start uzbl?  It installed fine for me, but I keep getting core
dumps when I run it.  There is no 'uzbl' anywhere in the path, so I tried
'uzbl-browser' and 'uzbl-tabbed'.  For 'uzbl-browser' it brings up the
initial screen OK, but typing 'fl' crashes it.

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