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>        Anyone tried the data tethering feature on the Android phones?

Just my .02:

I'm not sure but I think there are several issues you have to
overcome, at least from my Linux experience:

Assuming you are using USB (Bluetooth is similar in some ways...):

1) When you connect the Android usb port to your PC you have a
multi-function usb port and you must select the correct option (or
choice as their are named in Linux), this means that you should be
able to either select the mass storage (sd card) or the tty. So you
first need to figure out how to do that. I use CyanogenMod that has
several usb debugging features but I haven't had a chance to
experiment with tethering yet. Anyway, you must use soemthing at the
usb layer level that handles the multi-function usb port.

2) I suspect that tethering works like most usb gsm modems in Linux,
simply by mounting ttyUSB0 and the using something like wvdial with
your provider's APN. So I think that once you figure out (1) you
should have a tty and you can simply dial #777 or whatever your phone
carrier specifies in their APN.

>        I've tried cdce and tried modifying cdce but no luck. I need to
> regenerate the device list, but I haven't had any luck yet- simply
> running make doesn't work, and I've read Makefiles and googled out the
> wazoo.
>        I tried modifying the details off the openmoko site for their data
> tether system (for FreeBSD8, mind), still no luck.
>        Apparently it uses the cdc_ether RNDIS according to my Fedora shit
> media system. usbconfig concurs.
>        Any hints, suggestions on how to further my investigations and
> getting this thing working? Anyone happen to be working on this?
>        Cheers
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