Making sense out of impitool power supply readings

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Tue Mar 30 17:31:54 UTC 2010

I think I might be able to solve my issues if I could filter out which of these entries returned by 

ipmitool sdr type "Power Supply"

actually represent the physical power supplies. One of the cases I have below for example produces a list of six sensors. Only two of those actually represent the true physical status, but when I'm writing generic code, how do I filter these? In some cases the ones I want are called "PS 1 STATUS" and "PS 2 STATUS" and in others "PS1 STATUS" and "PS2 STATUS" are used (note the missing space). Yet another one just uses "Status" for both PS sensors. This is all very non-deterministic. Is there a call I can make in the ipmitool library to list only the sensors representing the real power status and not these other sensors like "PDB PRESENT"?

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Is there some trick to know when the power supply sensor readings returned by ipmitool actually reflects that there is a power supply issue? Our difficulty is that no one seems to use the same sensor values when it comes to power supply reporting, and even if there are two power supplies the impitool command may only report a single status. For example, here's one box that I have:

# ipmitool sdr type "Power Supply"
PS 1 STATUS      | 61h | lcr | 10.0 | 0 unspecified
PS 2 STATUS      | 62h | lnc | 10.1 | 0 unspecified
PS REDUNDANCY    | 6Fh | lcr | 19.0 | 0 unspecified

Here's another:

# ipmitool sdr type "Power Supply"
Power Supply     | 17h | ok  | 10.0 | 0 unspecified

And another:

# ipmitool sdr type "Power Supply"
PS1 PRESENT      | 53h | ok  | 10.0 | Device Present
PS2 PRESENT      | 54h | ok  | 10.1 | Device Present
PDB PRESENT      | 55h | ok  | 21.0 | Device Present
PS1 STATUS       | 4Ah | ok  | 10.0 |
PS2 STATUS       | 4Bh | ok  | 10.1 |
PS REDUNDANCY    | 4Dh | ok  | 21.0 | Fully Redundant

And here's yet another:

# ipmitool sdr type "Power Supply"
Status           | 64h | ok  | 10.1 | Presence detected
Status           | 65h | ok  | 10.2 | Presence detected
PS Redundancy    | 74h | ok  |  7.1 | Fully Redundant

All of these are systems with dual power supplies. When we query these sensors are queried, on some systems "0" means the power supply is online and "200" means it's offline, whereas others might user 80 and 180 or 180 and 380. Is there some trick in figuring out what status values means "online", or would we have to maintain a table of motherboard/vendor versions and map these to how to interpret the PS readings?

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