Where are my drives?

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Well, going into the card Bios and creating each drive as a single drive seems to have done the trick, FreeBSD now sees them.

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>> I am trying to see what the 8 x 1.5tb drives are called and if they are recognized. 

>>I read that FreeBSD 8 has the driver for 3ware by default. 

>>I added a twa_load="YES" to /boot/loader.conf as well as lines for ZFS 

>>I do a: egrep 'ad[0-9]|cd[0-9]' /var/run/dmesg.boot 
>>and I just see my DVD (acd0) and my 500gb SATA (ad4) 

>>How to I add these drives? When I start the machine, I see the 8 drives listed during BIOS post, attached to >>the 3ware card. 

>Can you please paste your dmesg? Do you create an array on the 3ware? 

My dmesg shows the 3ware card installed (twa0)and shows ZFS running.

I have not created an array on the card because I want to do RAIDZ3 so wouldn't the card just ask as pass through? If I go into the card when the system boots, I see all of my drives, but I only have option for RAID 5, 10, 50.

Do you have more thoughts?

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