ooops ! 'ls' & "last modified" column

daniele glimp at
Fri Mar 26 10:24:50 UTC 2010

On 03/26/10 02:37, Olivier Nicole wrote:
> Hi,
>> I just finished installing FreeBSD on a "machine" whose CMOS time is not
>> set to UTC.
>> The System time is reported correctly (using 'date') but, suprisingly
>> (?), 'ls -la' reports that, among others, the files belonging to "the
>> skeleton" in the user home have been modified... in the future (1 hour
>> later) !
> Wait one hour :)
> I had a stange behaviour with some release of FreeBSD (around 7).
> We are 7 hours ahead of UTC; after a fresh install I usually do a
> system upgrade to be sure to be up with every patches.
> It occured to me a couple of times that the installworld would not
> work, even though I adjkerntz before. The only way I had was to change
> the CMOS clock to the local time and change it back to UTC aftergive
> installing world.
> Of course, after 7 hours the problem would disappear.
> Bests,
> Olivier

Thank you for your interest in my question and related answer :-)

I did not have any problem during the installation or the following 
start-up. I just noticed those "strange" timestamps.

But I think that now I understand the behaviour of the installation 
process (at least in FreeBSD 8.0-Release) as for the timestamps.

Basically it is simple: when booting for installation, the system 
silently (?) thinks the CMOS time is set to UTC and uses the user input 
for setting _a_ local time. Then it "happens" this local time is the 
timestamp for _some_ newly created files.
After all files have been copied the actual configuration of the clock 
occurs so that the newly created system will report the correct local time.
Later, when the new system boots up, in some cases one can find 
timestamps in the future for _some_ files and a correct local time.


If something (but the local time :-)) is not correct , feel free to send 
a feedback


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